As users of PIT tag technology we’ve seen our share of instream antennas get destroyed by winter weather. To solve this challenge we changed from the traditional glued PVC pipe used in NOAA-style antennas to fusion welded HDPE. This material and the fusion welds are extremely durable and withstand much greater impact than the housings made of PVC. We developed production systems to ensure that the HDPE antennas would perform as well or better than previous PVC models.

We recently installed several PIT tag antenna arrays using the new HDPE housings. These sites have already shown great promise in improving reliability of winter data by increasing the durability of the PIT tag antennas. We construct antennas in the standard 6, 10, 15 and 20 foot dimensions. We also make custom sized antennas and recently installed a 25 foot HDPE antenna in Pudding Creek, CA.

To demonstrate the durability of our HDPE antennas we suspended one 60 feet in the air from a crane and dropped it. Except for surficial scratches, the structural integrity of the antenna housing was undamaged and the antenna itself retained its high performance.