RFID Electronics Specialist


  • Designs, fabricates and installs low frequency 134.2 kHz RFID antennas in fish ladders, dams and natural rivers
  • Directs and supervises small team of biologists and technicians during construction, fabrication and field installation of antennas and detection systems
  • Conducts EMI surveys prior to design and construction of antennas
  • Responsible for quality control and testing of all antennas and integrated electronics
  • Designs, tests and documents antenna properties and shielding to reduce effects of EMI on detection system efficiency
  • Integrates all equipment including power system components in detection arrays
  • Conducts detection efficiency testing of antenna arrays
  • Reports directly to the RFID Program Manager
  • Coordinates design and construction of antenna housings with CAD/CAM Engineer

Qualifications: The successful applicant must demonstrate an ability to work in and lead a small team. Basic electrical skills and electronics knowledge are required. Naval electronics tech or other applicable military experience highly desirable. Other desirable skills include:

  • Experience with low frequency radio communications and RFID
  • Working knowledge and application of oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer
  • Practical experience with solar and TEG to power remote locations
  • Practical experience with fiber optics communication cabling
  • Knowledge of cellular and satellite modems for remote data communication

Salary: West Fork offers competitive salaries, excellent health insurance, maternity/paternity leave, flexible schedules and other fringe benefits.

Closing Date: Open until filled. 

Application: Submit an electronic letter of interest and resume to info@westforkenv.com