Robbs Peak Powerhouse Entrainment Monitoring - Sampling and tracking

West Fork has partnered with Stillwater Sciences to monitor the potential fish entrainment at Robbs Peak Powerhouse to determine when and at what flow fish migration is occurring, and at what flow entrainment, if any, is occurring. 

Hydrologic monitoring; Chehalis River, WA

West Fork Environmental staff worked with members of Normandeau & Associates to measure stream flow and characterize physical habitat conditions across 6 geomorphic reaches of the Chehalis and South Fork Chehalis Rivers.

Queets River, WA hydrologic monitoring

Biologists from West Fork Environmental conducted instantaneous stream discharge measurements at 28 sites on 12 major tributaries within the Queets Watershed, including the Queets and Clearwater Rivers

Humboldt marten detection; Central Oregon Coast

West Fork Environmental is currently engaged in a project using wildlife cameras to document the presence of Humboldt marten in managed forest stands in the Central Coast Range of Oregon

Monitoring Coho Salmon through restoration reach in Ohop Creek

West Fork Environmental installed four PIT tag antennas in Ohop Creek, near Eatonville, WA, to collect data leading to a better understanding of the relative importance and role of the newly  restored reach on movement and residence patterns of juvenile coho within the upper system. 

Chinook, Kokanee, Bull Trout and Pygmy Whitefish Spawning Surveys and Juvenile PIT Tagging Field Support

West Fork Environmental provided field crews to Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) in support of fisheries research and monitoring in the Cedar River Municipal Watershed for six years. Our field support for spawning ground surveys covered multiple species and locations in the watershed including kokanee salmon, Chinook and coho salmon, bull trout and pygmy whitefish.

Spokane River Red Band Trout Spawning Habitat Assessment

West Fork Environmental assessed the quality and stage-related connectivity and suitability of redband trout spawning habitat within a reach of the Spokane River where normal sediment transport processes have been altered by dams and impoundments over the past century. 

Assessment of Fish Distribution and Determination of Barriers

West Fork annually conducts surveys for the presence/absence of fish for its forestry clients to verify regulatory stream typing prior to timber harvest. Over the past ten years we have conducted over 3,700 protocol stream surveys for Washington clients alone to determine physical barriers to fish movement, resulting in a large number of changes to portions of the Washington Department of Natural Resources hydro-layer. 

Williams Creek Fish Barrier Assessment

West Fork evaluated four potential barriers in the lower 1,700 feet of Williams Creek, tributary of the Cedar River (WA) for Seattle Public Utilities to determine the likelihood for passage by Chinook, steelhead, coho and resident trout. 

Long-Term Aquatic Monitoring in the Cedar River Watershed

West Fork provided technical field assistance over four seasons in support of long-term aquatic monitoring in the Cedar River Municipal Watershed. Habitat assessments were performed throughout the 90,000 acre watershed in streams of varying size. 

Native Fish Distribution and Habitat Assessment

West Fork annually conducts stream habitat surveys to determine the distribution of native fish in streams for its forestry clients. The purpose of this work is to verify regulatory stream typing prior to timber harvest or road maintenance.

New Foster Dam PIT Tag Antenna Complete

Foster Dam on the South Fork Santiam River was outfitted 30 years ago with a spillway weir as a surface outlet for downstream migrating fish passage. The weir sits on top of stop logs inserted into a spill bay gate opening. 

Cedar River Sockeye Spawner Distribution Study

West Fork Environmental completed the first year of a three year study investigating the spatial and temporal distribution of spawning sockeye salmon in the Cedar River between Lake Washington and Landsburg Diversion Dam.