Once you select your reader, you will need a weather-proof enclosure to protect it.

West Fork designed and manufactures an instrument enclosure (POD) suitable for housing a variety of reader types. Our aluminum POD houses one Biomark IS1001 reader or two Allflex 310 readers. The POD can also house a variety of data logging and power systems for other monitoring projects.

We customize the cabling connections on our POD to meet your needs. We also manufacture accessories to help prepare the POD for instream installations.

Without consistent power, a PIT tag detection system cannot produce reliable data. 

For sites that are located within reach of grid power, we offer a simple and cost-effective battery switching system that provides electronically quiet power to sensitive PIT tag readers as well as AC-DC Inverters. For remote site locations, we will help you assess the use of solar power solutions or propane-fueled thermoelectric generators depending on your specific requirements. 

We also offer a variety of custom cabling solutions for PIT tag detection systems and other peripheral devices.


West Fork Battery Switcher - Available in 12v or 24v

$250.00 ea

The battery switcher is used to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) or “noise” injection into RFID systems. Transceivers are highly susceptible to noise that can be present on any power service. The switcher allows the transceiver to operate on one battery bank while a charger is charging a second battery bank.

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